Medical Services for Cats and Dogs in Lockport, NY

If you need to neuter your dog or bring in your pet for a teeth cleaning, the staff of at Lake Avenue Veterinary Hospital is happy to help. Our veterinary hospital offers a variety of vet surgical services at reasonable prices. Whether your dog has ingested something that he shouldn't have or your cat needs help removing that hairball, we will be there to make sure that your pet gets the care he or she needs.
Cat and dog dental services are available to avoid tooth decay or periodontal disease from causing other infections or problems in your animals. Cats and dogs can benefit from yearly cleanings and regular checkups to catch minor problems before they become big ones.
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Anyone who is looking for a caring vet to help with routine care or for treatment of specialized medical issues will find what they are looking for at Lake Avenue Veterinary Hospital. Call us today at 716-438-5443.